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See You In My Dreams

Title: See You In My Dreams
Genre: Romance, Humour, Fantasy

Characters: Savannah De Luca + Draco Malfoy + Hermione Granger + Blaise Zabini + more

Story Type: Novel

Rating: Rated T

Summary: The dreams always started with him. But it always ended with her. She may be saving him, but who will save her?
To cast a dark magic one must bear the consequences that follow. 


The characters/images are merely borrowed. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 

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Welcome to My World

Hello. I humbly welcome you to My World!

Get to know me, I'm very open-minded girl. 

You can call me Blossy (my net-nick)

I'm 25 years old (and will remain that age forever :P)

I love writing fanfics (though end up having writers block some times ><)  - Romace, Drama, Comedy, School Life (I'm a Happily-Ever-After type of gal) I'll be posting them up here so please do check them out and comment^^

I love watching animes - Shounen, Shoujo, Mystery, Sports, Romance, Comedy (pretty much all genres)

I love reading mangas (Japanese comics) and manhwas (Korean comics) - Again almost all genres

I love watching dramas - US, Korean, Taiwanese and of course Japanese (though I have watched 1 Fillipino drama - My Girl)

I love listening to all type of songs depending on my mood (but I prefer mainly Pop, Hip-hop and R'n'B)

I recently started using Photo-Shop. I find it quite interesting and wish to improve on it as I practice. I will be also posting up my graphic designs, so do look out for them^^

I'm no good at video-making but wish to work on it in the future... So far I just made a Sound Track for my fanfic but I still got a long, long way to go to perfection.

Work-wise, I'm an Office Administrator though I got qualification to work as a Nursery Nurse Assistant if I wanted to but I prefer office work currently.

What else... what else...

Ah my bias

Japanese Guys: I'm a huge fan of NEWS (Japanese boy band) I love Ryo Nishikido out of them as well as Tomohisa "Yamapi" Yamashita. I'm a fan of other Japanese idols which you will find out as you get to know me^^

Korean Guys: I'm a fan of BEAST, SS501, U-Kiss, MBLAQ etc... My favourite Korean idol has to be Kim Hyun Joong (totally fell for him when I became a SS501 fan. I fell again for him when I watched his drama "Boys Over Flowers" and "Playful Kiss") I also love Yoon Doo Joon from BEAST and many other guys... Again you will find out as you get to know me...

Taiwanese Guys: I'm a fan of Mike He. I think I watched almost all his dramas. Jerry Yan is another one as well as Show Luo, Vanness Wu, Jiro Wang and many others...

One more thing before I finish up here, you may see a lot of Erika Toda's pictures in my graphics. All because I use her to represent me. I find her quite pretty

I think for now that's enough introduction for now, don't you think? 

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I will enjoy imputting...

I also want to thank DORKISTIC DESIGNS for the amazing layout they have done for me (I just love Ryo Nishikido MORE!)

Bye-bye for now^^



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When You Contradict the Change in Me - Teaser
Title: When You Contradict The Change In Me
Genre: Romance, Humour, Drama
Pairings: Hiroki Narimiya, Ikuta Toma, KAT-TUN: Akanishi Jin, KAT-TUN: Kamenashi Kazuya, Miura Haruma, NEWS: Kato Shigeaki, NEWS: Koyama Keiichiro, NEWS: Masuda Takahisa, NEWS: Nishikido Ryo, NEWS: Tegoshi Yuya, NEWS: Yamashita Tomohisa, Oguri Shun, TOKIO: Nagase Tomoya, Yuki Amami
Story Type: Preview/Teaser of upcoming story
Rating: Rated T
Summary: She was violent, foul mouthed and had a rough appearance.
She changed for the sake of finding romance.
He was dominant, feared and a loner.
He changed for the sake of finding friendship.
But when the two meet,
Their effort to change becomes meaningless.
Disclaimer: The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 
Credits: Thanking Christine for her AWESOME Poster and Banner!

 Ayumu Hamano is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Erika Toda.

A story of two people…

She was violent, foul mouthed and had a rough appearance.

“What’s taking, Ayu so long?”

“Give up, Hamano. There are more of us and there is one of you.”


“She wouldn’t fight when she’s meant to be meeting us, will she?”

“This is Ayumu Hamano you’re talking about. When does she never fight?”

He was dominant, feared and a loner.

“Mr Gino has been running low on business. I haven’t been here for two years just to sit around and wait for my reputation to grow. I’m Ryo Nishikido, I don’t like waiting. And someone who makes me wait has to suffer the consequences.”

“My father spoke so fondly of you and was a little wary of sending me in his place. You see my father is getting old and cannot travel abroad, especially in a long flight. I know that you don’t like to meet those who have less experience. I’m grateful that you finally agreed to meet me.”

“I heard about how you don’t sound your age. Are you really 17 years old?”

“Take it as a present from me.But I would like to discuss business between you and Nishikido Group.”

She changed for the sake of finding romance.

“It’s not fair. Am I not pretty? Am I not the type a guy would want to date?”

“You’re too violent and you have a vulgar mouth.”

“I need to stop fighting.”

“I’ll cheer for you. Let’s go shopping!”

“Shopping for what?”

“You need cute clothes.”

“Well even if you stop fighting, you’ll need to find a way to attract guys, you know.”

He changed for the sake of finding friendship.

“Your father reminded me of your birthday that is coming up. It seems that you need to find a fiancée.”

“Shit, how could I forget something like that?”

“Hmm… you’re not by any chance… you know…”

“Oh God no! I’m not gay!”

“Anyways, that’s not the main concern. The main concern is you having trusted allies.”

“Why do I need them? I’ve got plenty of men.”

“I want you to become the Judaime no matter what and I will use everything in my power to make you that. But I can’t do that if you are not willing to help.”

“Change? How can I possibly change and what will that lead to?”

“As you are now, you’re always pushing people away before they could get close to you. You don’t make any friend and no one wants to be your friend because they are too scared.”

Blossy Story and Production Presents…

“When You Contradict the Change in Me”


Ayumu Hamano.

A girl who learnt how to fight in order to protect herself and those around her. She is known as “Anee-san” by almost everyone and she is most feared girl.
Ryo Nishikido.

A guy from a yakuza family, the heir to Nishikido group, needs to find a fiancée and trusted allies before his 18th birthday.

Michiyo Ishiguro.

The very opposite of her best friend, Ayumu.She’s in a mushy relationship with Jin.

Jin Akanishi.

Though he might not look like it, he is a good fighter. He becomes the first to join Ryo, though unofficially at first.

Tomoya Nagase.

The second in command and the caretaker of Ryo. He’s rarely serious and always has aloofness around him. He is known for his slyness.

Other Characters…

Ryuuji Nishikido.
Yuki Amami.
Shun Oguri.
Tomohisa Yamashita.
Toma Ikuta.
Kazuya Kamenashi.
Yukino Miura.
Kumiko Shiraishi.
Jessica Tajimi.
Rei Lino.
Haruka (Ayase) Kato.
Haruma Miura.
Hiroki Narimiya.
Shigeaki Kato.
Keiichiro Koyama.
Mike He.
Annie He.
Yuya Tegoshi.
Takahisa Masuda.

And many more characters to come…

Out Now in asianfanfiction.com

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Four Guys And A Baby - Part 1

Title: Four Guys And A Baby
Genre: Romance, Humour
Characters: Ryo Nishikido + Tomohisa Yamashita + Jae Joong Kim + Han Geng
Story Type: Short Story
Rating: Rated K
Summary: ***Part of Crazy Love Stories Collection - 3rd Side Story***
What are Ryo Nishikido, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kim Jae Joong and Han Geng to do when they come across an abandoned baby? What are they to do when the police leave the baby in their care? What are four clueless guys to do with a baby?

The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 

Credits: Thanking Nika a.k.a Cutterpillow for her A-MA-ZING poster!

Four guys, Ryo Nishikido, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kim Jae Joong and Han Geng, were left alone for a day. Their girlfriends decided to get together and have a girl’s day out for a spa treatment and would not be back until the next day. Pi took the initiative and called the guys together for a guy’s day out since they were all free. But when they all met up at Ryo’s place, they were out of ideas to what they could do.

“Maybe we should watch a movie or something,” Jae suggested.

Pi grumbled. “That’s gay.”

Ryo let out an exasperating breath. “Everything we mention, you say it’s gay. I’m starting to think you like gay things.”

His best friend rolled his eyes. “Anyway, we should think of this day as freedom from all the nagging.”

Hangeng nodded in agreement. “You’re right. If they can leave us just to have fun, I’m sure we can do the same!”

Pi’s face lit up as an idea formed in his head. Ryo grumbled upon seeing the expression as his friend’s ideas were never good. “How about we follow the girls and spy on them?”

He knew he’s prediction would be correct. He raised his hand and smacked his friend on the head. “Now that’s gay!”

“Man, I didn't think this would be so hard to think about,” Jae said with a sigh.

“How about we head for the arcades?” Ryo finally suggested something. It seemed to be in favour for the other three guys and it concluded their destination.

They played at the arcade for over an hour until they got hungry. They decided to go to a restaurant to eat.

The unexpected occurred on their way there. As they climbed out of Ryo’s car he parked on the parking lot, they came across a baby’s car seat. When they neared the car seat, to their astonishment and surprise, a baby sat their sleeping with not a care to the world. The baby girl didn't look more than a year old. She was very fair and the little hair she had on her head was chocolate brown.

The guys panicked. At first they thought the baby was dead but when they were close enough they noticed the rise and fall of the chest. They searched around the parking lot for any signs of the mother or father but there was not a single person on sight. To find a good parking space, Ryo had parked in a deserted area where hardly anyone comes around.

“Oh, shit! What shall we do?” Pi cried out.

“Should we take the baby to the police station?” Hangeng asked out loud with a deep frown.

Ryo glanced at the Chinese guy and nodded. “Good idea. You should take her.”

Hangeng jerked his head back in alarm. “What? Absolutely not! You have a car, you take her.”

Seeing as the Chinese guy was a dead end, he then turned to the Korean guy. “Jae, you take her.”

“No way!” he shrieked. “Kids and I don't mesh well together.”

“She could be different and you wouldn't know until you tried it,” Ryo pointed out but to his dismay the Korean guy wasn't budging either. He’s last resort was his best friend. Before he could ask him, Pi already figured him out.

“Oh hell no!” he yelled. “Do I look like the responsible one? Out of all four of us, Ryo, you’re the one who’s more responsible.”

“Never with children!” he exclaimed in defence. Yet he had to admit that his friend was right. “Fine,” he gave in although he wasn't doing it alone, “let’s all go together.”

“But I’m hungry,” Pi protested.

“What’s more important?” Hangeng questioned him. “Your hunger or the poor abandoned child?”

He opened his mouth then closed it and then let out a breath of air. “Whatever. Let’s just send the child to the station.”

Ryo lifted the car seat gently and stared at the baby. His face softened when a smile appeared on the baby’s face as if she was having a nice dream. He put the seat safely in the middle of Jae and Hangeng.


Once the guys got to the police station, they were met with an overcrowded station. Criminals, victims and other citizens were all over the place demanding attention. The police officers were grilling the criminals, taking statements from the victims and doing other things. It was not a place for a child to come into as the place was so noisy that everyone was shouting over the other.

The noise caused the baby to wake up. Upon waking up and meeting with strange faces, the baby began wailing. Ryo, who was holding the car seat, was startled by the wailing, he glanced at his friends who stepped away from him and pretending they didn't know him. He glared at them and then finally noticed why they were ignoring him. The police officers, criminals, the victims and other citizens were all glaring at him and wondering why he would bring a baby to the station.

He has bigger problem to deal with, to stop the baby from crying as she was bursting his eardrums. He rocked the car seat in hopes to calm her but it wasn't working.

“Sshh, don't cry,” he tried coaxing with a forced smile. “Nii-san isn't a scary man. Oh please stop crying, sweetie.”

He had been like that for at least five more minutes until a police officer finally came after getting fed up of listening to his poor attempts to stop the cry. He took them to a side and asked them what they were here for.

“We found her,” Jae explained trying hard not to shout as well over the noise. “Should we leave her with you now?”

The police officer was alarmed. “No,” he quickly said. “You’ll have to write a statement of how you found the baby and also leave your information in case we need to get more details.”

The four guys grunted at the thought of staying at the station even longer. The officer got them some papers for them to fill.

“I feel uncomfortable here,” Pi whispered over to the guys as they all were busy writing. “Should we do a runner when the officer isn't looking?”

Hangeng shook his head in disappointment. “If we do a runner they’d be suspicious of us and send us to jail.”

“Yeah,” Ryo followed after. “Stop being stupid, Pi.”

“I don't think it’s in his nature to stop,” Jae quipped.

The three guys chuckled lightly while Pi pouted. The police officer came back when they finished. He had a frown across his face.

“Is something wrong?” Ryo asked in concern. He just hoped it was nothing about them.

“Social services are very busy as it’s the time of the month where it would be hard to take children in,” he explained gloomily. “Poor girl would have to stay in the station until someone is free.”

“What?” the four guys shrieked in unison. “Leave the baby here?”

“There is no other option,” the police officer said.

The guys glanced at each other then at the baby girl who had gone back to sleep after getting tired of crying. She looked so angelic that they were hesitating to leave her in a dangerous place for babies. They then glanced back at each other, as if understanding what the other was thinking the four guys nodded and then returned their gaze back on the officer.

“We’ll take her home until the social services are free,” they announced in sync again.

They may be men; afraid of women bringing up the word ‘baby’, but they were also a human being. They may regret later but at that moment they were very determined not to leave a child there alone.

“You guys want to babysit?” the officer was not convinced. After all they were men.

“I’m sure the social services will be free at one point,” Hangeng pointed out. “We’ll be happy to take care of her until then.”

The officer hesitated. He didn't want to leave the child at the station as well. They were already busy that there won’t be anyone to attend to the child’s need. It would be more convenient to leave it to those guys. After all they couldn't be bad if they were the ones who brought the baby once they found her. He had their information.

“Fine,” he agreed finally. “And which of you will be the one responsible?”

Pi, Jae and Hangeng immediately pointed at Ryo before he himself was able to point at any of the three. He cast a glare towards them then let out a breath of air.

“I am,” he said. “We’ll be at my place. Once you get hold of a social services please give us a call on my number or you could send them to my place.”

“Yes, thank you.”

After writing another report, the police officer let them leave the station. The four guys had to stop at the Mart. Ryo was once again left holding the car seat as he followed the three inside the shop. They immediately had everyone’s attention on them. In fact the shop was filled with women more who stared at them in a daze after all it wasn't every day they saw four handsome men together. But they were shocked when their gaze fell on the car seat where a baby girl was sleeping.

The guys ignored the stares and walked over to the baby section. Jae was stuck pushing the trolley.

“So what should we buy?” Pi asked, placing his hands on his hips and staring at the baby products.

“We need nappies,” Jae listed an item.

“Baby food,” Hangeng listed another.

The Korean guy nodded and then added, “Some change of clothes as well just in case.”

“Oh, we can’t forget milk powder!” Hangeng said.

Pi frowned. “Why do you guys know all this?”

“I babysat once,” the Chinese guy replied in an obvious tone. The other guy nodded.

“But what size nappies do we need?” Ryo questioned as Pi was scowling at the foreigners. “And what type of food would she like? And also the size for the clothes too?”

All four glanced down at the baby trying to make out what size but it was useless. They let out a heavy sigh.

“Can I help you, gentlemen?”

The guys raised their head and looked at the shop worker who just offered her help. Their expression brightened.

“Yes!” they cried out startling the woman.

The woman took a deep breath and smiled at them. “So, who’s the father?”

“He is!” Pi pointed at Ryo who immediately smacked him.

“We’re just babysitting,” Ryo told the woman. “There was an emergency and the mother was in a hurry that she didn't bring any of the baby’s things.”

“Oh, the poor dear!” the woman cried out. “And you poor souls who have no idea what to do.”

“Yes,” Hangeng said. “What do babies need?”


The guys stood staring in horrific at the woman as she spoke at once, naming so many products that a small baby would need. To buy the nappies they also needed to buy baby wipes and nappy bags. While buying the milk powder they had to buy bottles, teats, bottle brushes and some sterilising method.

“About the food...” the woman paused to glance at the baby. “She looks around 7-8 months and it looks like she’s teething.”

“Teething? Her teeth are growing?” Jae echoed.

The woman nodded. “Yes, this is a difficult time for her. She’ll be restless most the time. You should get her some teething ring.” She pointed at the item. It was like a small donut, filled with water and chilled rubber. “The best thing to do for teething baby is to give them cool milk and food to help lessen the pain.”

The guys nodded, although their faces told her they did not understand but she went on about the food and what the baby’s taste would be like. The conversation was dragging so long that Pi lost his patient. He threw almost every type of food into the trolley. After buying bibs, vests and extra clothes, the guys went to check out.

“She’s kind of cute,” Hangeng said peering down at the car seat. They were waiting in the queue. “Only a devil would abandon an angel like her.”

Ryo sighed. “You got that right. No matter how much problem it is, abandoning a child is very wrong.”

The guys stared down at the baby in silence, lost in thoughts and oblivious from the hungry gazes from other women.

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Unexpected Surprise

Title: Unexpected Surprise
Genre: Romance, Humour
Pairings: Ryo Nishikido/Ayumu Hamano (OC) + Tomohisa Yamashita/Christine Porter (OC)
Story Type: One-Shot
Rating: Rated K
Summary: ***Part of Crazy Love Stories Collection - 1st Side Story***
It had come unexpectedly, surprising Ayumu Hamano and her boyfriend, Ryo Nishikido. He does not know if he should laugh or sympathise at the outcome. 
The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 

 Credits: Thanking Christine for her AWESOME Poster and Banner!

Ayumu Hamano is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Erika Toda.
Christine Porter is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Nina Dobrev.

Timeline: Couple of months after Ayu moved in with Ryo and Pi moved in with Chri.

“Hands under your butt or else...” the light threat startled Ayumu Hamano just when she was about to retrieve her hands from under her butt.

She glanced up at her boyfriend, Ryo Nishikido, who had popped his head from the bedroom where he had disappeared through for more than five minutes. Just when she had thought she was safe, she was already caught. Damn, how did he know?

“B-but,” she protested from the sofa she sat on. His head already disappeared back into the bedroom and she found herself protesting at the opened door bedroom. “I can’t take it anymore!”

“Just bare with it,” she heard him half-yell from their room.

“But...” she was still protesting, tears stinging at the corner of her eyes. She wiggled on the sofa, trying to keep herself from bringing her hands out. She began squirming. Soon she was using her chin to rub her shoulder and neck, she was rubbing her legs together and she was already rubbing her arms on her side.

“Stop it,” he told her off. He was visible to see now. He stood frowning at her as he leaned his side on the door frame and folded his hands over his chest. “Rubbing like that is still called scratching.”

Ayumu, although she is called Ayu mostly by her friends, looked at her boyfriend with teary brown orbs. She had been dating him for almost a year but they have been living together for six months now.

A slow lazy smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as he watched her wiggling on the sofa in frustration. He shook his head causing his short black hair to fall over his eyes. Keeping one hand over his chest, he raised his other hand and brushed the hair away from his eyes with his fingers to its original self, a parting on the side.

“Are you enjoying yourself while your girlfriend is dying here?” she cried out.

Ryo pushed himself off the door frame, still holding the grin on his face and made his way to her. Instead of sitting down on the vacant space next to her, he sat on the coffee table, sitting right opposite her.

“Don't exaggerate,” he said, his eyes were dancing teasingly. “I’m still amazed though, Ayu,” he went on, “that you’re twenty-three years old and you haven’t had chicken pox until now.”

Ayu grumbled. “That’s like the sixth time you said that,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Get over it.”

He chuckled lightly. “I can’t get over it.”

She glared at him. She already hated the fact that she had suddenly got chicken pox last night...


On her way home from work she sat next to a boy, who had chicken pox unknown to her at that time, on the train since Ryo couldn't pick her up as a last minute buyer of a house he was selling turned up. She regretted not waiting for him to pick her up as soon as he finished.

It had been until later that night, Ryo had come home from his shift at the club as a bartender that he noticed the red spots on her face just when he was about to kiss her. After he had pointed the spots out, she had jumped off the bed and had run into the en-suite bathroom connected to their room.

‘Oh my God!’ she screamed in front mirror of the cabinet. She had been scratching herself like crazy all the while without a clue that she had spots. ‘What the hell is this?’

Ryo came behind her with worry written across his face. ‘Isn't that chicken pox?’ he said out loud. His brows furrowed as he stared at her. ‘Why are you having chicken pox again?’

She screamed again. ‘Chicken pox? Again?’ She then immediately stopped, making him worry more at her sudden behaviour. She then abruptly sprinted out of the bathroom leaving him wondering what happened.

He exited the bathroom after her. He saw her flung onto their bed like she usually does and grab her cell phone that was lying on the bed. She punched a few keys then held the phone near her ear as she waited for the person she called to answer. Ryo’s frown deepened wondering who she might be calling.

‘Mom?’ she cried out as soon as she got connected. ‘Mom! When I was young did I have chicken pox?’

‘Honey, you’re calling one in the morning just to ask that?’ a groggy reply came from the other end of the line.

‘I got chicken pox, mom!’ she shouted down the mouth piece. ‘Of course I will call you in this hour to ask that!’

‘Chicken pox?’

‘Yes chicken pox.’

‘Now that you mention it...’ There was a paused and then she heard her mother gasp. ‘You never did have a case of chicken pox before.’

‘Oh God,’ Ayu’s voice came out as a whisper. How could I have not known if I had or not had chicken pox? I thought in horror. Shouldn’t I have known something important like that?

‘It’s just chicken pox,’ her mother tried dismiss as a trivial thing. ‘It will go away in a few days. Just don't scratch as much.’

It probably was trivial since it wasn't life threatening but Ayu was too panicky to realise it. Her mother hung up as she wanted her sleep and also her father was waking up.

‘I can’t believe you had no idea if you had chicken pox or not!’ Ryo’s voice earned her attention.

‘Ryo-kun,’ she cried out. She was unconsciously scratching herself all over. ‘What shall I do?’

‘Firstly, stop scratching,’ he said. He climbed onto the bed, turned her so she was lying on her back and grabbed her hands stopping her from scratching any more. ‘I’ll go get some cream for it first thing in the morning.’

She tried to pull her hands back to scratch an area that was itching really badly but the grip on her hands tightened.

‘No,’ he told her sternly.

She pouted. ‘I need to scratch myself or I’ll go crazy.’

‘I’ll help distract you,’ he offered with a grin formed on his mouth.

Ayu already guessed he had something dirty in mind. He leaned forward to kiss her but she shook her head causing him to jerk his head back. She refused to make eye contact with him.

‘Don’t,’ she half-said and half-whispered. ‘I look hideous and I may be contagious.’

Ryo stared at her for several seconds before he burst out laughing. He pinned her hands above her head and leaned closer to her face until he was inches away from it. He waited, staring at her. She got fed up of him staring and whipped her head around to face him.

‘Stop staring,’ she said.

‘Even with the spots,’ he spoke quietly, laughter wasn't heard in his voice anymore and he looked at her seriously. ‘You still look beautiful.’

She bit her bottom lips stopping a gasp from escaping from her mouth. ‘Liar.’

‘I’m not lying,’ he insisted. His features softened. ‘Hamano Ayumu, to me you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. It may sound corny but it’s the truth, I swear.’

A warm smile formed across her face. ‘Aww, that’s so sweet.’

‘Okay, now less talking,’ he said breathlessly. ‘And lots of love making.’

Before she could stop him, he had claimed her lips and she soon was melted under his sweet kisses.


A grin tugged at the corner of her mouth as she recalled the night. She blushed furiously. Ryo had called her work for her to inform them that she’d be absent for a few days. He even took leave from work just to take care of her when there was no need to.

Ryo raised a brow questioningly at her suddenly smiling. “Why do I get the feeling you’re thinking something dirty?”

She couldn't help but giggle yet she did not respond.

“Oi, you’re not allowed to think dirty!” he exclaimed. “You’re only allowed to do dirty things!”

Just when he was about to pounce on her like a hungry tiger, the door bell rang ruining their mood. With a grunt, Ryo dragged his feet to the door and flung it open. He came face to face with a grinning best friend and his girlfriend. He quickly pushed the door close but his friend was also quick to put his foot out to stop the door from closing.

“Hey!” Tomohisa Yamashita, nicknames Pi, cried out. He swung the door back open and glared at his friend. He had a big white box in his hand that he was trying to be careful with. “How could you try to slam the door on your best friend’s face?”

Ryo rolled his eyes as he stepped back to let them in.

“You can close the door on Pi-kun but what did I do to deserve it as well?” Christine, Ayu’s best friend and Pi’s girlfriend said accusingly.

He shrugged his shoulder. “You’re dating my stupid friend.”

She giggled. “I guess I could let it slide.”

“Chri!” Pi shrieked but she pushed passed him into the apartment and running the short distance to her friend.

“Ayu-chan, are you okay?” she worriedly asked. “When Ryo-kun told me that you were sick, I was so worried.”

“I’m not sick,” Ayu assured her. “I’ve just got chicken pox.”

Pi snorted as he walked with Ryo towards their girlfriend. Ayu cast a glare towards him. He responded with a laugh. “Man, I can’t believe you’ve got chicken pox at this age!”

“Don't tease my girlfriend,” his friend told him off. Ayu smiled at her boyfriend for defending her but it soon was wiped off when he added with a toothy grin, “Only I can tease her.”

“You boys,” Chri shook her head disapprovingly. She gave up trying to lecture them as it would be pointless. She turned back to her friend who was sulking now. “Ignore them. It doesn't matter when you have it as long as it’s not when you’re old or it might be dangerous.”

“Oi, stupid Ayu-chan,” Pi called her. Her eyes shot up to glare at him but he held out his hands to show her the box he was holding.

Her eyes widened and she emitted a small gasp. “Is that what I think it is?” she asked giddily.

“Maybe,” he taunted, grinning ear-to-ear.

“It’s a cake!” she exclaimed in conclusion to his grin.

The other three couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. Ayu had a sweet tooth and with just a little sweet she’d go hyperactive. Every time she’d go to a place that had any kind of sweet dessert, she’d take hours just drooling over each item before she decides to get at least a portion of almost everything.

“I bought a big cake,” he informed. “This should keep you distracted.”

“I can distract her fine,” Ryo pointed out.

“I’m sure you can,” he snickered knowingly.

Ayu was ecstatic that she didn't blush or tell him off whenever he thought dirty. “Yay, Pi-kun, you’re the best!”

“Of course I am,” he responded smugly earning snorts from his best friend and girlfriend.


It was a week later when something unexpected happened. By then Ayu’s spots have all disappeared. She was really glad she had such caring boyfriend who took such good care of her despite her whining and complaining whenever he stopped her from scratching.

The two had turned up at Pi and Chri’s place. Chri had invited them to come watch the world cup soccer match with their country playing. The two couple were dressed in a blue and white Japanese team uniform. Ryo and Pi had bought their girlfriends the football gear before the world cup started.

Ayu handed the desserts she brought over like she usually does to Chri. When they went over to the lounge where Pi was already sitting on the sofa, they were shocked.

“Oh my God!” Ayu gasped.

Ryo stifled a laughter that was dying to erupt. “Dude, what the hell’s this?”

Pi sat on the sofa grumbling. He had spots of cream everywhere on his skin that was visible. It was obvious it was a cream put on over the spots, chicken pox. He had oven mitts on both his hands to stop him from scratching. He couldn't stop fidgeting as he felt itchy everywhere.

“Apparently you can have chicken pox twice,” he enlightened them grimly. “I found this out now after I had it.”

His best friend couldn't hold it in any longer and erupted with laughter. Ayu joined in seconds later. Even he’s girlfriend was laughing lightly. Throughout the game, Pi kept disturbing them by trying to scratch. Although Ayu wasn't into soccer and didn't care, it still annoyed her watching him fidget. It only reminded her of her hell last week and before she knew it, she had been scratching as well.

“Pi-kun, stop it!” she cried out at half-time break. “You’re making me scratch!”

He ignored her and carried on fidgeting. Ryo, who sat next to him, gave in and scratched him a little. Ayu shook her head and followed Chri to the kitchen to prepare the snack that she had made earlier that day. When they returned with the food, they found Ryo still scratching his friend. Pi was purring in response.

Ayu frowned at her boyfriend. “If you keep scratching him, it will leave a mark.” Her boyfriend shrugged his shoulder. She turned to her friend. “Chri, don't you mind that Ryo-kun is helping him scratch? Isn't it crucial that he don't do it so it doesn’t leave a mark?”

She recalled how he teased her best friend when she had the chicken pox. An evil grin appeared on her lips. “Yeah, it’s crucial but I don't care.”

“Hey!” her boyfriend exclaimed, his purring subsided.

Ryo stopped scratching him and laughed. “Poor Pi,” he cooed.

Pi pouted then suddenly flung his arm around Ryo, startling him. “You took care of Ayu-chan so lovingly. I’m your best friend,” he wailed. “Take care of me!”

His friend slapped his face gently and then pushed him away. “You have your girlfriend.”

Pi waved his hands trying to hug him again but his friend kept him on arm length. “She’s so mean to me! I want your love.”

Ayu’s face fell at his confession. “No way!” she cried out. She jumped onto the sofa, purposely sitting in between them and causing them to retrieve their hands. She leaned on her boyfriend and turned to Pi with a mocking glare. “My boyfriend isn't to share.”

“Before he was your boyfriend, he was my best friend and brother,” he argued back then stopped shortly when Ryo and Ayu gave him an odd look. His brows furrowed as he thought back to his words. “Wait, I’m still his best friend and brother.”

“Stupid, Pi-kun,” she shook her head in pity and patted his shoulder. “You poor thing. You’re like a child who can’t let things go.”

This ignited an argument with the two. Ayu and Pi always fought like brothers and sisters which wasn't a surprise as they treated each other as one. Ryo and Chri sighed as they were used to it already. They didn't try to stop them this time as Pi, without realising, had stopped itching.

Their planned evening did not go accordingly to its plan. It never does. Yet it never stops them from always planning another day to invite one another...



The Beginning of Bishounen Café

Title: The Beginning of Bishounen Café
Genre: Romance
Pairings: Ryo Nishikido/Ayumu Hamano (OC)
Story Type: One-Shot
Rating: Rated K
Summary: Written for "One-Shot Challenge #4: Bishounen Cafe Challenge”
To introduce Bishounen Café, we start off with a story of how it all came about. Meet Ayumu Hamano, the rich spoilt girl who chases after a café’s waiter Nishikido Ryo. For the first time in her life she cannot have the one thing she really wants.

The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 

Ayumu Hamano was a girl who loved the attention. Her father, Yosuke Hamano, was the owner of several chains of hospitals around Japan. Because he couldn’t raise his daughter himself, he had to hire nannies to take care of her after her mother died when she was a toddler. He compensated by buying anything and everything. She grew up as an attention seeking, spoilt rich girl.

Although her father wasn't expecting her to take over the business, she had gone to a medical school and surprised everyone by finishing earlier than most people. But six months ago when her father sent her to one of his hospitals where she would be working as a junior doctor, an incident occurred and got her quitting the job after less than a month of starting. The workers never treated her like a doctor. In fact they were more scared of her than anything. It wasn't like she could fire them if she wanted but they never understood that to a point where everyone complained and persuaded her father to make her leave.

But at the same time she couldn't blame them for being unable to treat her like a doctor. She dressed flashy as usual with her high heels, mini-skirts, low tops and heavy make-up. Her hair would always be dyed in every other colour but black, her eye colour would always be different every month and her clothes were always a gaudy colour as she liked to wear colourful clothes.

It was on her 24th birthday, she finally realised that there was some things in the world she cannot have. One of them was Ryo Nishikido.

She met him in the café where he worked. She was still a bit down with her stepping down from the job although it has been six months. She was down because when she went to see her father at the hospital as usual the doctors and nurses all looked down on her. She was wondering around the street by herself not caring where she went when she saw the café. She went in as she never been in it before. Actually since it was really small you could easily miss it. Some of the waiters were welcoming her. She ignored them. She sat down by the window and started to stare out.

“Miss would you like to order?” she looked to see who this musical tone belonged to and stared right in too him.

He took her breath away. She never really liked guys who worked in a lowly paid job but seeing him dressed in a white dress shirt, a black bow-tie, a waist-coat and the black tailored trouser that was covered with the apron around the waist looking like a skirt got her drooling. Meeting him was like a jolt to reality from her selfish, spoilt world. She realised that whatever she had the past twenty-four years of her life wasn’t even worth what she can’t have now.

Every afternoon she went into the café, she’d always see him standing there as if waiting for her. He’d have a dashing smile on his face that would make her heart skip a beat. He’d bow at her and guide her to the table. She’d always think she was in a restaurant as the service was as good as that. His voice would nearly send her to a starry-daze whenever he would greet her.

“Welcome, Ayu-san,” he’d say. By then she had already told him to call her by her name.

It was a month later that she found out that she wasn’t an exception to his sincerity. In fact, he treated all his customers in the same manner. The whole thought made her angry. Her selfishness was returning. It was that day, that he was someone else’s waiter while another waiter was assigned to her.

That day she was as flashy as ever, clad in a flamingo pink dress, matching heels and bags. Her accessories were big and overly expensive. She was furious. “I want Nishikido Ryo as my waiter!” she demanded haughtily.

“B-b-but Miss…” the waiter stammered. He looked over at Ryo pleading for help but Ryo ignored his fellow colleague and carried on serving the other girl.

Upset for being ignored as well, she stood up abruptly and stalked up to him. “I said I want you to be my waiter.”

His customer seemed irritated by her presence not that she cared. “Don’t you see he’s my waiter?” the girl snobbishly pointed out.

The dressed up girl shot the girl a glare making her cower down. Her gaze returned to Ryo, waiting for him to give in and come back to being her waiter.

“Ayu-san,” he said with a sigh. “If you come back tomorrow, I will be your waiter. Today, I am this lovely lady’s waiter.”

“There’s nothing lovely about her,” she snapped at him.

“Every lady who comes here are is lovely,” he explained with his calm, velvety voice.

Tears welled at the corner of her eyes. She forcefully blinked it back. “No they’re not,” she argued. “You can’t think of other women like that! Only me. You can only think of me like that.”

The girl, who at first was scared of her glare, managed to regain her composure and stand up to be in the eye level as Ayumu. “Who the hell do you think you are?” she demanded. “Nishikido-sama belongs to everybody. Don’t come here claiming he’s yours.”

Ayumu gasped. No one ever talked to me with a raised voice, she thought. No one dared to. “You bitch, if you don’t know who I am, then just ask. My name is Hamano Ayumu, the daughter of Hamano Yosuke.”

Seeing the shocked expression on the girl’s face, she smiled in triumph. There is not one person who hasn’t heard of her father. She turned to the guy she liked and held out her hands in a haughtily gesture.

“Let’s start dating,” Ayu boldly announced and tuning out the gasps around the café. “I’m rich, beautiful and irresistible. You won’t find anyone better than me.”


Ryo Nishikido was annoyed, more than annoyed. He had never met a girl like her. The past month he had to deal with her flirting which he tried to ignore. But it was hard to ignore her with her flashy clothes. He guessed she purposely wore them just to get the attention she loved.

Now to hear her bold confession, he was beyond shocked at her straightforwardness. He took a deep breath and then exhaled haggardly.

“You know the girls I can’t stand the most?” he began, speaking as calm as he could. He carried on before she could open her mouth to reply. “Those who are selfish, arrogant and self-centred. They are too full of themselves and careless about anything beside wealth and looks. They definitely are not ones that I will ever date. If I ever date it would be a girl who doesn't care about her looks and background. She would not flaunt how well off she is and she would be sincere. She should get me with her personality and not her looks.” He then added with disgust, “Also, to tell you the truth, your gaudy clothes are an eyesore.”

He could tell he had stunned her. And he guessed that he must be the first to speak to her like that knowing well of her family and wealth. He could care less about something like that.

He watched as she opened her mouth to speak, and then closed it. She was speechless. He wondered if he went too far. He even wondered if she will start crying like a typical rich heiress and start wailing. He was about to prepare himself with the waterworks but to his surprise she stared at him defiantly and proud. She refused to cower down. She then turned on her heels and walked out the café.


A challenge was called. If he wanted a girl with personality then she will show him her personality. She will make him fall for her. She did feel a bit guilty when she said all those stuff but she did it out of pure jealousy. She never used her background before. This was the first time she used it.

Ayumu Hamano never backed away from a challenge even if it was something impossible for her. But if it was to win over a guy like him, a guy she was in love with despite the humiliation she had felt that time, she was willing do to anything.

No way was she going to back down now. It only made her motivated. She liked guys who played hard to get even if he wasn't playing.

For a month she did not return to the café. Instead she was busy changing herself.

The first thing she changed was her hair. She died it back to her original colour which was black - her unfavourable colour. The second was her contact lenses. She threw them all away in the bin and for the first time she was showing her brown orbs that she never liked. The third change was her accessories. She had to put away her flashy jewellery and stick to something simple although it was still expensive. And the last was her clothes. She had to go shopping for them. She didn't own anything plain or dark colours.

To make things more interesting, she put on an unsubscribed thick spectacle, her clothes were oversized and her hair was braided when she would never even pull it up before.

We’ll see if you could recognise me, she mused inwardly with a grin forming in the corner of her mouth. She looked like she was plotting something evil as she stared back at her reflection on the glass door of the café.

She quickly pulled herself together when she spotted Ryo who just turned to face the door. Pulling up her oversized trouser, she pushed the door open and entered.

Ryo stepped forward, at first he just stood there staring back at her but then bowed before straightening to cast a smile. Just like the first time, her heart skipped a beat.

“Welcome,” he greeted softly. He motioned her over to the table.

Ayumu was overly excited that she was having a hard time concealing it. He hasn’t recognised me! Allowing him to guide her to the table, she dug her short nails into her palms just to calm down.

Ha! She thought smugly. He is such an idiot - in a cute way - to not recognise me.


Ryo was shocked when she entered the café. He immediately recognised her even with the get up. He had to pull himself together and act normal not wanting to give himself away. He wanted to know what was up with the change.

At the back of his mind, he couldn't help but be impressed by how she could go to this length just for him. Yet he chose not to think too much into it.

While he was serving her favourite green tea, he realised something as she spoke to him. Although she had changed on the outside, she was still the same inside.

The way she talked was still the same. The way she smelt - lavender rose - was still the same. The way she would pick up her tea cup with her delicate fingers and a pinkie finger pointing up was still the same.

Ryo stilled as he was about to refill the cup.

What was he thinking? He panicked. When did he pay attention to her that he even knew the little things about her?

He didn't like her. She was the type of girl he hated the most. He refused to acknowledge the feeling he was having.

“Is everything alright?” she asked, her voice was coming out sweetly unlike her haughtily tone.

He snapped out and glanced at her then at the kettle he was holding. He quickly poured the tea and stepped back.

“Y-yes everything is fine, Miss..”

Damn, he had to get a grip over himself.


Ayumu found it fun dressing down. It felt different. People treated her differently and they approached her more inside the café and outside. Before the make-over no one dared to approach her. They had never included her in anything.

It felt good to be treated like that but at the same time she was a little saddened that they would only treat her like that when she was in that form. If she returned to the old Ayumu Hamano, she knew they would back off again.

The next few months she had been going to the café every day and every day Ryo would be her waiter. He also treated her differently than usual. He talked to her more while before she would have to force words out of him. They would talk about numeral of things and she showed off her intelligence and knowledge. It was thrilling to have an intelligent conversation with him. She found out that he was the type who likes to read different types of book and would discuss it in full length where she will always make sassy remark and make him laugh.

She was happy. It meant that he liked her even if it was just a little.

But as the dressed down Ayumu, she was shy to ask him out even though she shouldn’t have changed that drastically. Maybe it was because she didn’t want another rejection and was afraid.

To her utter surprise, he beat her to it by asking her out when she was on her way out of the café. He had followed her behind and just when she had opened the door, he grabbed for it startling her by his action. He leaned forward and whispered into her ears.

“This Sunday, if you’re free meet me outside AB Cinema.”

She gasped and jerked her head back as her ears tickled at his breath. She stared at him wondering if he was being a jerk. There was no humour written anywhere on his face. Instead, he looked more serious than ever.

She gulped. Before she could give him an answer he pulled back and walked away leaving her in a daze.


He couldn't believe it. He asked her out! It was a spur of the moment thing but he couldn't help but fall for her even when he had tried to deny his feelings. He found that she was not how she first seemed. He found her witty and straightforward. She would listen to him chatting nonstop about a book he read and she would say something witty and give her own opinion on it. He found her humorous and also found it comfortable around her. He may have misjudged her.

Later when they had met outside the cinema, he had noticed how nervous she was, evaporating his own nervousness at the sight of her. She looked cute. He saw that even with her new outlook it didn’t hide her confident look. She stood straight and proud. But she looked sincere and real.

The two had started dating regularly but whenever she would come to the café, they’d always be the customer and the waiter.

It seemed they couldn't further their relationship yet after all she had yet to come clean and tell him she was Ayumu Hamano not Sayuri Watanabe her mother’s name. And he had yet to confess that he already knew who she was.


One day something happened. The girl from couple of months ago, who had been served by Ryo when the humiliation had occurred, came back claiming Ryo as her waiter again but Ryo was already Ayumu’s waiter.

It wouldn't have blown out of proportion if the girl didn't recognise her instantly.

“Oh my God! Hamano Ayumu, it’s you, isn't it?” she exclaimed out in disbelief. “What the hell?” she went on. She had by now, caught everyone’s attention. “I can’t believe you’ve dressed up as a nerd!”

Ayumu tuned out the girl’s voice and looked at Ryo who stood rooted on the spot. She tried to read him but it was hard to when he had an impassive look on his face.

Tears welled at the corner of her eyes. She should have guessed. Even if she was Sayuri Watanabe now, eventually her cover will be blown and she would be Ayumu Hamano once again, the girl no one wanted to care about or want to get close to unless they wanted to get close to her father or get something out of her. They will always use her.

She had hoped to reveal Ryo her real self once he confessed that he liked her which she hasn’t heard from him yet. It was too late. She was not likely to hear it ever.

The girl didn't seem to be finished. “Nishikido-sama, did she try to deceive you? That witch thinks you’ll like her while she’s pretending to be a nerd.”

“No!” Ayumu cried out. “It’s not like that!” She glanced at Ryo with pleading eyes. “I only wanted to show the real me. I wanted you to like me for me. I’m still me even under these baggy clothes.”

“Ayu-san,” he called her name out. “I...”

“What a bitch!” the girl cut him off. “Just because she’s rich, she thinks she could get away with anything.”

“I wasn't trying to get away with it,” Ayumu defended herself desperately. “I love Ryo-kun. I just want him to like me back. Is that wrong?” she paused to brush away the tears that were streaming down her cheeks. “I admit I was a bit selfish and spoilt but I was pursuing Ryo-kun on my own. I’m not demanding him to like me. I’m just waiting for him to see me for who I am.

“These past few months with Ryo-kun were the first time I was able to be myself and enjoy myself. I never had a friend before to talk and laugh with. Everyone who I knew only wanted to get close to me because of my father or thought they can get something from me. Ryo-kun was the first to never care about my name and background.

“I’m sorry for lying,” she went on. “I just wished you had started feeling the same way as I felt about you. This time I’ll definitely let you go.”

The girl cast a smug expression. She turned to Ryo and held onto his sleeves. “Come on, Nishikido-sama. You’ll be my waiter now.”

Ryo at first did not budge but then when he saw Ayumu turning on her heel and about to leave, he pulled his sleeves back. He took a few long strides to her and grabbed her wrist causing her to twirl around in surprise.

“Wait,” he said. “Who said you can let me go?”

Her tears subsided and her breath hitched. “Huh?”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” he continued ignoring her confused expression. “Do you think I didn't recognise you if the girl over there,” he nodded his head over to the other girl who was fuming furiously at them, “recognised you immediately?”

She opened her mouth to speak but no words would come out.

He let go of her wrist and lightly tapped her head. “Silly girl,” he grinned. “I told you I didn’t like girls who care about their looks and background. If you really cared about your looks that much, you would never have changed, even if it was for me and if you cared about your background, you would never have fallen for someone like me.

“Yes at first I was a bit wary about your motives but you didn’t force yourself on me. Instead you started to show me the sweet, kind woman you are and waved away any doubt I had of you before. You blew me away with your impressively mind and dazzled me with your inner beauty. It was like I found my best friend when I could talk to you about anything.”

“W-w-what does that mean?” she stuttered out as soon as she found her voice. She was looking at him eagerly.

He chuckled. “It means that I love you. I wouldn't have asked you out if I didn't like you even after knowing who you are all along.”

“You love me?”

Ryo nodded. And to prove it, he leaned forward and touched her lips with his own for a chaste kiss. When he pulled back, he saw her frozen in place. A smile crept on his mouth.

“Let start dating, Hamano Ayumu,” he declared. “I’m handsome, although I’m not rich, but I am irr-res-sista-ible.” He emphasized the word ‘irresistible’.

She came out of the daze wondering if it was a dream and she would wake up any minute. At first she blinked several times before bursting out laughing. “That’s okay. I can cover the rich part for both of us.” This made him laugh. She was definitely witty with the capital W.

She looked around in surprise as she heard everyone around the café began clapping and cheering for them. The girl who was still furious stormed out of the café. Ryo laughed as he grabbed the back of Ayumu’s head and pulled her for another kiss.


Ayumu refused to let Ryo work as a waiter after that. She wanted him all to herself. She bought a café in the main part of Tokyo and named it Bishounen Café where only handsome men worked. She wanted other girls to experience what she had which is why all the guys were single. Even with her outrageous demands, guys were dying to work at the popular café and of course only the handsome ones were picked.

The Bishounen Café was so popular that women from other countries were demanding her to open one at their country. Since she wanted to please them, she opened three more in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Ryo was given the position of the boss since he had persuaded her into returning to becoming a doctor. Because she was dressed down now - not the nerdy look but more sophisticated - she was now respected as a doctor. Her father was so pleased with the change that he finally appointed her as his successor when previously he had planned for her to marry a guy to take over his business. And since he was leaving it with her, he didn't mind that his daughter went with Ryo.

Ryo could only manage one café at a time which is why he left the cafés in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong with other managers unless they needed him over there.


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Left Alone...

Title: Left Alone
Genre: Angst
Story Type: Drabble
Rating: K
Summary:  Written for "Drabble Challenge #3: The Single Sentence Challenge"

I loved him so much that it was hard for me to let go when he got himself another girlfriend leaving me heartbroken and thinking of the promises he had broken with it, not knowing the baby that grew inside me from the night he had left me crying, the night he told me he had moved on with my best friend who I trusted, who betrayed me with him, and without giving me a warning or allowing me to get used to the idea of the two together they got married leaving me to raise our baby girl alone.