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When You Contradict the Change in Me - Teaser
Title: When You Contradict The Change In Me
Genre: Romance, Humour, Drama
Pairings: Hiroki Narimiya, Ikuta Toma, KAT-TUN: Akanishi Jin, KAT-TUN: Kamenashi Kazuya, Miura Haruma, NEWS: Kato Shigeaki, NEWS: Koyama Keiichiro, NEWS: Masuda Takahisa, NEWS: Nishikido Ryo, NEWS: Tegoshi Yuya, NEWS: Yamashita Tomohisa, Oguri Shun, TOKIO: Nagase Tomoya, Yuki Amami
Story Type: Preview/Teaser of upcoming story
Rating: Rated T
Summary: She was violent, foul mouthed and had a rough appearance.
She changed for the sake of finding romance.
He was dominant, feared and a loner.
He changed for the sake of finding friendship.
But when the two meet,
Their effort to change becomes meaningless.
Disclaimer: The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 
Credits: Thanking Christine for her AWESOME Poster and Banner!

 Ayumu Hamano is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Erika Toda.

A story of two people…

She was violent, foul mouthed and had a rough appearance.

“What’s taking, Ayu so long?”

“Give up, Hamano. There are more of us and there is one of you.”


“She wouldn’t fight when she’s meant to be meeting us, will she?”

“This is Ayumu Hamano you’re talking about. When does she never fight?”

He was dominant, feared and a loner.

“Mr Gino has been running low on business. I haven’t been here for two years just to sit around and wait for my reputation to grow. I’m Ryo Nishikido, I don’t like waiting. And someone who makes me wait has to suffer the consequences.”

“My father spoke so fondly of you and was a little wary of sending me in his place. You see my father is getting old and cannot travel abroad, especially in a long flight. I know that you don’t like to meet those who have less experience. I’m grateful that you finally agreed to meet me.”

“I heard about how you don’t sound your age. Are you really 17 years old?”

“Take it as a present from me.But I would like to discuss business between you and Nishikido Group.”

She changed for the sake of finding romance.

“It’s not fair. Am I not pretty? Am I not the type a guy would want to date?”

“You’re too violent and you have a vulgar mouth.”

“I need to stop fighting.”

“I’ll cheer for you. Let’s go shopping!”

“Shopping for what?”

“You need cute clothes.”

“Well even if you stop fighting, you’ll need to find a way to attract guys, you know.”

He changed for the sake of finding friendship.

“Your father reminded me of your birthday that is coming up. It seems that you need to find a fiancée.”

“Shit, how could I forget something like that?”

“Hmm… you’re not by any chance… you know…”

“Oh God no! I’m not gay!”

“Anyways, that’s not the main concern. The main concern is you having trusted allies.”

“Why do I need them? I’ve got plenty of men.”

“I want you to become the Judaime no matter what and I will use everything in my power to make you that. But I can’t do that if you are not willing to help.”

“Change? How can I possibly change and what will that lead to?”

“As you are now, you’re always pushing people away before they could get close to you. You don’t make any friend and no one wants to be your friend because they are too scared.”

Blossy Story and Production Presents…

“When You Contradict the Change in Me”


Ayumu Hamano.

A girl who learnt how to fight in order to protect herself and those around her. She is known as “Anee-san” by almost everyone and she is most feared girl.
Ryo Nishikido.

A guy from a yakuza family, the heir to Nishikido group, needs to find a fiancée and trusted allies before his 18th birthday.

Michiyo Ishiguro.

The very opposite of her best friend, Ayumu.She’s in a mushy relationship with Jin.

Jin Akanishi.

Though he might not look like it, he is a good fighter. He becomes the first to join Ryo, though unofficially at first.

Tomoya Nagase.

The second in command and the caretaker of Ryo. He’s rarely serious and always has aloofness around him. He is known for his slyness.

Other Characters…

Ryuuji Nishikido.
Yuki Amami.
Shun Oguri.
Tomohisa Yamashita.
Toma Ikuta.
Kazuya Kamenashi.
Yukino Miura.
Kumiko Shiraishi.
Jessica Tajimi.
Rei Lino.
Haruka (Ayase) Kato.
Haruma Miura.
Hiroki Narimiya.
Shigeaki Kato.
Keiichiro Koyama.
Mike He.
Annie He.
Yuya Tegoshi.
Takahisa Masuda.

And many more characters to come…

Out Now in asianfanfiction.com

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