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Four Guys And A Baby - Part 1

Title: Four Guys And A Baby
Genre: Romance, Humour
Characters: Ryo Nishikido + Tomohisa Yamashita + Jae Joong Kim + Han Geng
Story Type: Short Story
Rating: Rated K
Summary: ***Part of Crazy Love Stories Collection - 3rd Side Story***
What are Ryo Nishikido, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kim Jae Joong and Han Geng to do when they come across an abandoned baby? What are they to do when the police leave the baby in their care? What are four clueless guys to do with a baby?

The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 

Credits: Thanking Nika a.k.a Cutterpillow for her A-MA-ZING poster!

Four guys, Ryo Nishikido, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kim Jae Joong and Han Geng, were left alone for a day. Their girlfriends decided to get together and have a girl’s day out for a spa treatment and would not be back until the next day. Pi took the initiative and called the guys together for a guy’s day out since they were all free. But when they all met up at Ryo’s place, they were out of ideas to what they could do.

“Maybe we should watch a movie or something,” Jae suggested.

Pi grumbled. “That’s gay.”

Ryo let out an exasperating breath. “Everything we mention, you say it’s gay. I’m starting to think you like gay things.”

His best friend rolled his eyes. “Anyway, we should think of this day as freedom from all the nagging.”

Hangeng nodded in agreement. “You’re right. If they can leave us just to have fun, I’m sure we can do the same!”

Pi’s face lit up as an idea formed in his head. Ryo grumbled upon seeing the expression as his friend’s ideas were never good. “How about we follow the girls and spy on them?”

He knew he’s prediction would be correct. He raised his hand and smacked his friend on the head. “Now that’s gay!”

“Man, I didn't think this would be so hard to think about,” Jae said with a sigh.

“How about we head for the arcades?” Ryo finally suggested something. It seemed to be in favour for the other three guys and it concluded their destination.

They played at the arcade for over an hour until they got hungry. They decided to go to a restaurant to eat.

The unexpected occurred on their way there. As they climbed out of Ryo’s car he parked on the parking lot, they came across a baby’s car seat. When they neared the car seat, to their astonishment and surprise, a baby sat their sleeping with not a care to the world. The baby girl didn't look more than a year old. She was very fair and the little hair she had on her head was chocolate brown.

The guys panicked. At first they thought the baby was dead but when they were close enough they noticed the rise and fall of the chest. They searched around the parking lot for any signs of the mother or father but there was not a single person on sight. To find a good parking space, Ryo had parked in a deserted area where hardly anyone comes around.

“Oh, shit! What shall we do?” Pi cried out.

“Should we take the baby to the police station?” Hangeng asked out loud with a deep frown.

Ryo glanced at the Chinese guy and nodded. “Good idea. You should take her.”

Hangeng jerked his head back in alarm. “What? Absolutely not! You have a car, you take her.”

Seeing as the Chinese guy was a dead end, he then turned to the Korean guy. “Jae, you take her.”

“No way!” he shrieked. “Kids and I don't mesh well together.”

“She could be different and you wouldn't know until you tried it,” Ryo pointed out but to his dismay the Korean guy wasn't budging either. He’s last resort was his best friend. Before he could ask him, Pi already figured him out.

“Oh hell no!” he yelled. “Do I look like the responsible one? Out of all four of us, Ryo, you’re the one who’s more responsible.”

“Never with children!” he exclaimed in defence. Yet he had to admit that his friend was right. “Fine,” he gave in although he wasn't doing it alone, “let’s all go together.”

“But I’m hungry,” Pi protested.

“What’s more important?” Hangeng questioned him. “Your hunger or the poor abandoned child?”

He opened his mouth then closed it and then let out a breath of air. “Whatever. Let’s just send the child to the station.”

Ryo lifted the car seat gently and stared at the baby. His face softened when a smile appeared on the baby’s face as if she was having a nice dream. He put the seat safely in the middle of Jae and Hangeng.


Once the guys got to the police station, they were met with an overcrowded station. Criminals, victims and other citizens were all over the place demanding attention. The police officers were grilling the criminals, taking statements from the victims and doing other things. It was not a place for a child to come into as the place was so noisy that everyone was shouting over the other.

The noise caused the baby to wake up. Upon waking up and meeting with strange faces, the baby began wailing. Ryo, who was holding the car seat, was startled by the wailing, he glanced at his friends who stepped away from him and pretending they didn't know him. He glared at them and then finally noticed why they were ignoring him. The police officers, criminals, the victims and other citizens were all glaring at him and wondering why he would bring a baby to the station.

He has bigger problem to deal with, to stop the baby from crying as she was bursting his eardrums. He rocked the car seat in hopes to calm her but it wasn't working.

“Sshh, don't cry,” he tried coaxing with a forced smile. “Nii-san isn't a scary man. Oh please stop crying, sweetie.”

He had been like that for at least five more minutes until a police officer finally came after getting fed up of listening to his poor attempts to stop the cry. He took them to a side and asked them what they were here for.

“We found her,” Jae explained trying hard not to shout as well over the noise. “Should we leave her with you now?”

The police officer was alarmed. “No,” he quickly said. “You’ll have to write a statement of how you found the baby and also leave your information in case we need to get more details.”

The four guys grunted at the thought of staying at the station even longer. The officer got them some papers for them to fill.

“I feel uncomfortable here,” Pi whispered over to the guys as they all were busy writing. “Should we do a runner when the officer isn't looking?”

Hangeng shook his head in disappointment. “If we do a runner they’d be suspicious of us and send us to jail.”

“Yeah,” Ryo followed after. “Stop being stupid, Pi.”

“I don't think it’s in his nature to stop,” Jae quipped.

The three guys chuckled lightly while Pi pouted. The police officer came back when they finished. He had a frown across his face.

“Is something wrong?” Ryo asked in concern. He just hoped it was nothing about them.

“Social services are very busy as it’s the time of the month where it would be hard to take children in,” he explained gloomily. “Poor girl would have to stay in the station until someone is free.”

“What?” the four guys shrieked in unison. “Leave the baby here?”

“There is no other option,” the police officer said.

The guys glanced at each other then at the baby girl who had gone back to sleep after getting tired of crying. She looked so angelic that they were hesitating to leave her in a dangerous place for babies. They then glanced back at each other, as if understanding what the other was thinking the four guys nodded and then returned their gaze back on the officer.

“We’ll take her home until the social services are free,” they announced in sync again.

They may be men; afraid of women bringing up the word ‘baby’, but they were also a human being. They may regret later but at that moment they were very determined not to leave a child there alone.

“You guys want to babysit?” the officer was not convinced. After all they were men.

“I’m sure the social services will be free at one point,” Hangeng pointed out. “We’ll be happy to take care of her until then.”

The officer hesitated. He didn't want to leave the child at the station as well. They were already busy that there won’t be anyone to attend to the child’s need. It would be more convenient to leave it to those guys. After all they couldn't be bad if they were the ones who brought the baby once they found her. He had their information.

“Fine,” he agreed finally. “And which of you will be the one responsible?”

Pi, Jae and Hangeng immediately pointed at Ryo before he himself was able to point at any of the three. He cast a glare towards them then let out a breath of air.

“I am,” he said. “We’ll be at my place. Once you get hold of a social services please give us a call on my number or you could send them to my place.”

“Yes, thank you.”

After writing another report, the police officer let them leave the station. The four guys had to stop at the Mart. Ryo was once again left holding the car seat as he followed the three inside the shop. They immediately had everyone’s attention on them. In fact the shop was filled with women more who stared at them in a daze after all it wasn't every day they saw four handsome men together. But they were shocked when their gaze fell on the car seat where a baby girl was sleeping.

The guys ignored the stares and walked over to the baby section. Jae was stuck pushing the trolley.

“So what should we buy?” Pi asked, placing his hands on his hips and staring at the baby products.

“We need nappies,” Jae listed an item.

“Baby food,” Hangeng listed another.

The Korean guy nodded and then added, “Some change of clothes as well just in case.”

“Oh, we can’t forget milk powder!” Hangeng said.

Pi frowned. “Why do you guys know all this?”

“I babysat once,” the Chinese guy replied in an obvious tone. The other guy nodded.

“But what size nappies do we need?” Ryo questioned as Pi was scowling at the foreigners. “And what type of food would she like? And also the size for the clothes too?”

All four glanced down at the baby trying to make out what size but it was useless. They let out a heavy sigh.

“Can I help you, gentlemen?”

The guys raised their head and looked at the shop worker who just offered her help. Their expression brightened.

“Yes!” they cried out startling the woman.

The woman took a deep breath and smiled at them. “So, who’s the father?”

“He is!” Pi pointed at Ryo who immediately smacked him.

“We’re just babysitting,” Ryo told the woman. “There was an emergency and the mother was in a hurry that she didn't bring any of the baby’s things.”

“Oh, the poor dear!” the woman cried out. “And you poor souls who have no idea what to do.”

“Yes,” Hangeng said. “What do babies need?”


The guys stood staring in horrific at the woman as she spoke at once, naming so many products that a small baby would need. To buy the nappies they also needed to buy baby wipes and nappy bags. While buying the milk powder they had to buy bottles, teats, bottle brushes and some sterilising method.

“About the food...” the woman paused to glance at the baby. “She looks around 7-8 months and it looks like she’s teething.”

“Teething? Her teeth are growing?” Jae echoed.

The woman nodded. “Yes, this is a difficult time for her. She’ll be restless most the time. You should get her some teething ring.” She pointed at the item. It was like a small donut, filled with water and chilled rubber. “The best thing to do for teething baby is to give them cool milk and food to help lessen the pain.”

The guys nodded, although their faces told her they did not understand but she went on about the food and what the baby’s taste would be like. The conversation was dragging so long that Pi lost his patient. He threw almost every type of food into the trolley. After buying bibs, vests and extra clothes, the guys went to check out.

“She’s kind of cute,” Hangeng said peering down at the car seat. They were waiting in the queue. “Only a devil would abandon an angel like her.”

Ryo sighed. “You got that right. No matter how much problem it is, abandoning a child is very wrong.”

The guys stared down at the baby in silence, lost in thoughts and oblivious from the hungry gazes from other women.

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