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Unexpected Surprise

Title: Unexpected Surprise
Genre: Romance, Humour
Pairings: Ryo Nishikido/Ayumu Hamano (OC) + Tomohisa Yamashita/Christine Porter (OC)
Story Type: One-Shot
Rating: Rated K
Summary: ***Part of Crazy Love Stories Collection - 1st Side Story***
It had come unexpectedly, surprising Ayumu Hamano and her boyfriend, Ryo Nishikido. He does not know if he should laugh or sympathise at the outcome. 
The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended. 

 Credits: Thanking Christine for her AWESOME Poster and Banner!

Ayumu Hamano is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Erika Toda.
Christine Porter is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Nina Dobrev.

Timeline: Couple of months after Ayu moved in with Ryo and Pi moved in with Chri.

“Hands under your butt or else...” the light threat startled Ayumu Hamano just when she was about to retrieve her hands from under her butt.

She glanced up at her boyfriend, Ryo Nishikido, who had popped his head from the bedroom where he had disappeared through for more than five minutes. Just when she had thought she was safe, she was already caught. Damn, how did he know?

“B-but,” she protested from the sofa she sat on. His head already disappeared back into the bedroom and she found herself protesting at the opened door bedroom. “I can’t take it anymore!”

“Just bare with it,” she heard him half-yell from their room.

“But...” she was still protesting, tears stinging at the corner of her eyes. She wiggled on the sofa, trying to keep herself from bringing her hands out. She began squirming. Soon she was using her chin to rub her shoulder and neck, she was rubbing her legs together and she was already rubbing her arms on her side.

“Stop it,” he told her off. He was visible to see now. He stood frowning at her as he leaned his side on the door frame and folded his hands over his chest. “Rubbing like that is still called scratching.”

Ayumu, although she is called Ayu mostly by her friends, looked at her boyfriend with teary brown orbs. She had been dating him for almost a year but they have been living together for six months now.

A slow lazy smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as he watched her wiggling on the sofa in frustration. He shook his head causing his short black hair to fall over his eyes. Keeping one hand over his chest, he raised his other hand and brushed the hair away from his eyes with his fingers to its original self, a parting on the side.

“Are you enjoying yourself while your girlfriend is dying here?” she cried out.

Ryo pushed himself off the door frame, still holding the grin on his face and made his way to her. Instead of sitting down on the vacant space next to her, he sat on the coffee table, sitting right opposite her.

“Don't exaggerate,” he said, his eyes were dancing teasingly. “I’m still amazed though, Ayu,” he went on, “that you’re twenty-three years old and you haven’t had chicken pox until now.”

Ayu grumbled. “That’s like the sixth time you said that,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Get over it.”

He chuckled lightly. “I can’t get over it.”

She glared at him. She already hated the fact that she had suddenly got chicken pox last night...


On her way home from work she sat next to a boy, who had chicken pox unknown to her at that time, on the train since Ryo couldn't pick her up as a last minute buyer of a house he was selling turned up. She regretted not waiting for him to pick her up as soon as he finished.

It had been until later that night, Ryo had come home from his shift at the club as a bartender that he noticed the red spots on her face just when he was about to kiss her. After he had pointed the spots out, she had jumped off the bed and had run into the en-suite bathroom connected to their room.

‘Oh my God!’ she screamed in front mirror of the cabinet. She had been scratching herself like crazy all the while without a clue that she had spots. ‘What the hell is this?’

Ryo came behind her with worry written across his face. ‘Isn't that chicken pox?’ he said out loud. His brows furrowed as he stared at her. ‘Why are you having chicken pox again?’

She screamed again. ‘Chicken pox? Again?’ She then immediately stopped, making him worry more at her sudden behaviour. She then abruptly sprinted out of the bathroom leaving him wondering what happened.

He exited the bathroom after her. He saw her flung onto their bed like she usually does and grab her cell phone that was lying on the bed. She punched a few keys then held the phone near her ear as she waited for the person she called to answer. Ryo’s frown deepened wondering who she might be calling.

‘Mom?’ she cried out as soon as she got connected. ‘Mom! When I was young did I have chicken pox?’

‘Honey, you’re calling one in the morning just to ask that?’ a groggy reply came from the other end of the line.

‘I got chicken pox, mom!’ she shouted down the mouth piece. ‘Of course I will call you in this hour to ask that!’

‘Chicken pox?’

‘Yes chicken pox.’

‘Now that you mention it...’ There was a paused and then she heard her mother gasp. ‘You never did have a case of chicken pox before.’

‘Oh God,’ Ayu’s voice came out as a whisper. How could I have not known if I had or not had chicken pox? I thought in horror. Shouldn’t I have known something important like that?

‘It’s just chicken pox,’ her mother tried dismiss as a trivial thing. ‘It will go away in a few days. Just don't scratch as much.’

It probably was trivial since it wasn't life threatening but Ayu was too panicky to realise it. Her mother hung up as she wanted her sleep and also her father was waking up.

‘I can’t believe you had no idea if you had chicken pox or not!’ Ryo’s voice earned her attention.

‘Ryo-kun,’ she cried out. She was unconsciously scratching herself all over. ‘What shall I do?’

‘Firstly, stop scratching,’ he said. He climbed onto the bed, turned her so she was lying on her back and grabbed her hands stopping her from scratching any more. ‘I’ll go get some cream for it first thing in the morning.’

She tried to pull her hands back to scratch an area that was itching really badly but the grip on her hands tightened.

‘No,’ he told her sternly.

She pouted. ‘I need to scratch myself or I’ll go crazy.’

‘I’ll help distract you,’ he offered with a grin formed on his mouth.

Ayu already guessed he had something dirty in mind. He leaned forward to kiss her but she shook her head causing him to jerk his head back. She refused to make eye contact with him.

‘Don’t,’ she half-said and half-whispered. ‘I look hideous and I may be contagious.’

Ryo stared at her for several seconds before he burst out laughing. He pinned her hands above her head and leaned closer to her face until he was inches away from it. He waited, staring at her. She got fed up of him staring and whipped her head around to face him.

‘Stop staring,’ she said.

‘Even with the spots,’ he spoke quietly, laughter wasn't heard in his voice anymore and he looked at her seriously. ‘You still look beautiful.’

She bit her bottom lips stopping a gasp from escaping from her mouth. ‘Liar.’

‘I’m not lying,’ he insisted. His features softened. ‘Hamano Ayumu, to me you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. It may sound corny but it’s the truth, I swear.’

A warm smile formed across her face. ‘Aww, that’s so sweet.’

‘Okay, now less talking,’ he said breathlessly. ‘And lots of love making.’

Before she could stop him, he had claimed her lips and she soon was melted under his sweet kisses.


A grin tugged at the corner of her mouth as she recalled the night. She blushed furiously. Ryo had called her work for her to inform them that she’d be absent for a few days. He even took leave from work just to take care of her when there was no need to.

Ryo raised a brow questioningly at her suddenly smiling. “Why do I get the feeling you’re thinking something dirty?”

She couldn't help but giggle yet she did not respond.

“Oi, you’re not allowed to think dirty!” he exclaimed. “You’re only allowed to do dirty things!”

Just when he was about to pounce on her like a hungry tiger, the door bell rang ruining their mood. With a grunt, Ryo dragged his feet to the door and flung it open. He came face to face with a grinning best friend and his girlfriend. He quickly pushed the door close but his friend was also quick to put his foot out to stop the door from closing.

“Hey!” Tomohisa Yamashita, nicknames Pi, cried out. He swung the door back open and glared at his friend. He had a big white box in his hand that he was trying to be careful with. “How could you try to slam the door on your best friend’s face?”

Ryo rolled his eyes as he stepped back to let them in.

“You can close the door on Pi-kun but what did I do to deserve it as well?” Christine, Ayu’s best friend and Pi’s girlfriend said accusingly.

He shrugged his shoulder. “You’re dating my stupid friend.”

She giggled. “I guess I could let it slide.”

“Chri!” Pi shrieked but she pushed passed him into the apartment and running the short distance to her friend.

“Ayu-chan, are you okay?” she worriedly asked. “When Ryo-kun told me that you were sick, I was so worried.”

“I’m not sick,” Ayu assured her. “I’ve just got chicken pox.”

Pi snorted as he walked with Ryo towards their girlfriend. Ayu cast a glare towards him. He responded with a laugh. “Man, I can’t believe you’ve got chicken pox at this age!”

“Don't tease my girlfriend,” his friend told him off. Ayu smiled at her boyfriend for defending her but it soon was wiped off when he added with a toothy grin, “Only I can tease her.”

“You boys,” Chri shook her head disapprovingly. She gave up trying to lecture them as it would be pointless. She turned back to her friend who was sulking now. “Ignore them. It doesn't matter when you have it as long as it’s not when you’re old or it might be dangerous.”

“Oi, stupid Ayu-chan,” Pi called her. Her eyes shot up to glare at him but he held out his hands to show her the box he was holding.

Her eyes widened and she emitted a small gasp. “Is that what I think it is?” she asked giddily.

“Maybe,” he taunted, grinning ear-to-ear.

“It’s a cake!” she exclaimed in conclusion to his grin.

The other three couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. Ayu had a sweet tooth and with just a little sweet she’d go hyperactive. Every time she’d go to a place that had any kind of sweet dessert, she’d take hours just drooling over each item before she decides to get at least a portion of almost everything.

“I bought a big cake,” he informed. “This should keep you distracted.”

“I can distract her fine,” Ryo pointed out.

“I’m sure you can,” he snickered knowingly.

Ayu was ecstatic that she didn't blush or tell him off whenever he thought dirty. “Yay, Pi-kun, you’re the best!”

“Of course I am,” he responded smugly earning snorts from his best friend and girlfriend.


It was a week later when something unexpected happened. By then Ayu’s spots have all disappeared. She was really glad she had such caring boyfriend who took such good care of her despite her whining and complaining whenever he stopped her from scratching.

The two had turned up at Pi and Chri’s place. Chri had invited them to come watch the world cup soccer match with their country playing. The two couple were dressed in a blue and white Japanese team uniform. Ryo and Pi had bought their girlfriends the football gear before the world cup started.

Ayu handed the desserts she brought over like she usually does to Chri. When they went over to the lounge where Pi was already sitting on the sofa, they were shocked.

“Oh my God!” Ayu gasped.

Ryo stifled a laughter that was dying to erupt. “Dude, what the hell’s this?”

Pi sat on the sofa grumbling. He had spots of cream everywhere on his skin that was visible. It was obvious it was a cream put on over the spots, chicken pox. He had oven mitts on both his hands to stop him from scratching. He couldn't stop fidgeting as he felt itchy everywhere.

“Apparently you can have chicken pox twice,” he enlightened them grimly. “I found this out now after I had it.”

His best friend couldn't hold it in any longer and erupted with laughter. Ayu joined in seconds later. Even he’s girlfriend was laughing lightly. Throughout the game, Pi kept disturbing them by trying to scratch. Although Ayu wasn't into soccer and didn't care, it still annoyed her watching him fidget. It only reminded her of her hell last week and before she knew it, she had been scratching as well.

“Pi-kun, stop it!” she cried out at half-time break. “You’re making me scratch!”

He ignored her and carried on fidgeting. Ryo, who sat next to him, gave in and scratched him a little. Ayu shook her head and followed Chri to the kitchen to prepare the snack that she had made earlier that day. When they returned with the food, they found Ryo still scratching his friend. Pi was purring in response.

Ayu frowned at her boyfriend. “If you keep scratching him, it will leave a mark.” Her boyfriend shrugged his shoulder. She turned to her friend. “Chri, don't you mind that Ryo-kun is helping him scratch? Isn't it crucial that he don't do it so it doesn’t leave a mark?”

She recalled how he teased her best friend when she had the chicken pox. An evil grin appeared on her lips. “Yeah, it’s crucial but I don't care.”

“Hey!” her boyfriend exclaimed, his purring subsided.

Ryo stopped scratching him and laughed. “Poor Pi,” he cooed.

Pi pouted then suddenly flung his arm around Ryo, startling him. “You took care of Ayu-chan so lovingly. I’m your best friend,” he wailed. “Take care of me!”

His friend slapped his face gently and then pushed him away. “You have your girlfriend.”

Pi waved his hands trying to hug him again but his friend kept him on arm length. “She’s so mean to me! I want your love.”

Ayu’s face fell at his confession. “No way!” she cried out. She jumped onto the sofa, purposely sitting in between them and causing them to retrieve their hands. She leaned on her boyfriend and turned to Pi with a mocking glare. “My boyfriend isn't to share.”

“Before he was your boyfriend, he was my best friend and brother,” he argued back then stopped shortly when Ryo and Ayu gave him an odd look. His brows furrowed as he thought back to his words. “Wait, I’m still his best friend and brother.”

“Stupid, Pi-kun,” she shook her head in pity and patted his shoulder. “You poor thing. You’re like a child who can’t let things go.”

This ignited an argument with the two. Ayu and Pi always fought like brothers and sisters which wasn't a surprise as they treated each other as one. Ryo and Chri sighed as they were used to it already. They didn't try to stop them this time as Pi, without realising, had stopped itching.

Their planned evening did not go accordingly to its plan. It never does. Yet it never stops them from always planning another day to invite one another...


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